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Guang Zhou Quan Neng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. is a professional integrated company engaged in one-stop service such as exhibition display, exhibition hall, specialty store, interior decoration, etiquette event planning design and construction, terminal showcase rental and exhibition.
The company's business philosophy is "integrity cooperation, creating quality projects."
Companies adhering to the "innovation-based, quality as the source, service first" service concept.
Design products: wood structure design, truss structure design, profile structure design, exhibition hall design.
Decoration products: exhibition, on-site decoration, interior renovation, outdoor event decoration, stage construction and decoration, timber structure group construction, aluminum profile structure group construction, truss structure group construction, showcase design and production
1. Hosting; 2. Decorative materials; 3. Venue leasing; 4. Exhibition equipment rental; 5. Multimedia equipment rental; 6. Etiquette model performer translation; 7.Exhibitions; 8. Tourism, hotels, restaurants; 9. Truck transportation logistics; 10. Exhibition insurance insurance; 11. Sharing application resources;Enjoy packaging design; 13. share counters; 14. share design; 15. share decoration; 16. share recruitment resources; Qualification sharing; 18. On-site library; 19. Exhibition dynamics;


Look at the decoration of someone else’s home, you deserve it.

  • Beijing Construction Expo in March 2018

    Zhuo Chang Technology

    Booth size: 216 square meters

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  • 2018 Guangzhou Furniture Fair

    Star beauty furniture

    Booth size: 195 square meters

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  • Guangzhou Pazhou Construction Expo in 2018

    Zhuo Chang Technology

    Booth size: 216 square meters

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  • 2018 Guangzhou Poly Design Week

    Huichi Industry

    Booth size: 42 square meters

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  • 2018 Pazhou 25th Ho Supplies Exhibition

    Bolton Air

    Booth size: 208 square meters

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  • 2018 Pazhou 25th Ho Supplies Exhibition

    Zhongyan Industry and Trade

    Booth size: 108 square meters

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Our advantage

Original design for each project with innovation and quality as the core design concept

  • More than 10 years of industry experience

  • Customers cover many well-known companies

  • original design

  • One-stop service

  • Services include planning, design, and construction

  • Bringing together outstanding design teams

  • Short design cycle

  • Precise and reasonable price

  • Fast service response

  • win-win

Know how to decorate for better decoration

  • DecorationMORE>>
    Goods always need to be displayed, and it is the exhibition hall to undertake this task! The exhibition hall is a place for professional product exhibitions. The decoration design effect of the exhibition hall directly affects the sales performance and corporate image of the products. The only criterion for verifying the decoration effect of the exhibition hall is to see if it can attract the attention of the audience. Some people may ask, what are the precautions for the decoration design of the exhibition hall?
      ....see details
    What are the key points of the space design for the display design?Xiaobian found the answer for everyone, share it with everyone, I hope to help everyone.
         (1)Exhibition space
         Exhibition space is the actual space for merchandise display, the basic space and main space in the exhibition space, and the commodity demonstration platform and amusement table of large-scale commercial exhibitions also belong to this space. In the design, both the human scale and the volume of the commodity should be considered.....see details
    The design of the hall is a kind of display design. The definition of the exhibition is an exhibition and demonstration activity for the purpose of conveying specific information by means of the best spatial relationship of elements such as complex objects, people and fields. Exhibition design refers to the visual art of all exhibitions and exhibitions, including indoor and outdoor environmental planning of commercial sales space and service space such as shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, etc., to beautify the design work.
      ....see details
    A perfect exhibition hall decoration must have a visual appeal to consumers. Let consumers see the products in the exhibition hall have an impulse to buy. Let consumers know the product at a close distance and remember the product. The exhibition decoration design company should be out of the consumer's psychology when designing. Before designing, let's understand what styles and styles consumers like most.....see details
  • Exhibition scheduleMORE>>
    The 21st China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Expo in 2019     July 8-11, 2019      Guangzhou·China Import and Export Fair Complex (Canton Fair Exhibition Hall) ....see details
    2019 The 21st Dipper (Spring) Guangzhou International Advertising Exhibition                                       Area: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo      Time: February 20, 2019 - February 23....see details
    2019 The 15th Asian Sports Goods and Fashion Show                                      China International Exhibition Center (New Hall)      2019/1/16-2019/1/19....see details
    2019 Shanghai International Food Processing and Packaging Exhibition                                      2019.11.25-2019.11.28                                      Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC)....see details