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Operation flow
                              One. Ordering stage
                            1. Obtain information of exhibiting customers
                            2. Visiting the customer at home.                             3. Obtain relevant information about customer exhibits
                            4, clear design map delivery date
                            two. Design stage
                            1. Communicate with Designer and communicate with the customer on the booth design.
                            2. Deliver the first draft of the design, design instructions, and
to the customer                             3. Research customer feedback and modify again
                            4. Delivery of finalized design drawings and engineering quotations.                             three. Signing phase
                            1. Determine the project price with the customer
                            2. Defining the requirements for mutual cooperation with customers
                            3. Signing a contract
                            4, prepayment payment, check the clear requirements of the customer and construction drawings, including modeling color, lighting, negotiation tables and chairs, flowers and plants rental, other additional services (except for the contract price, this additional fee)
                            four. Production stage
                            1. Completion of production and preparation according to department work order
                            2. Arrange the customer to go to the factory to check the production and preparation situation.                             3. Complete the registration procedures for the host, home, exhibition hall, etc.
                            Fives. Site construction stage
                            1. On-site booth construction
                            2. Track the progress of the on-site project and whether the installed project requirements match the signed drawings.                             3. Remind customers of the arrival time.                             4. Customer acceptance
six. During and during the exhibition
                            1. Arrange on-site emergency services and other services during the exhibition
                            2. With the departure of customer exhibits
                            3. Demolition on site
                            Seven. Follow-up service
                            1. Follow-up report of the exhibition
                            2. Provide industry exhibition information and analysis for customers
                            3. Invite customers to visit other service cases of the company
                            One. Project engagement phase
                            1. Obtaining Exhibitor Information: The following channels are likely to help get the most initial customer information.
                            The last issue of the exhibition - generally mature and fixed exhibitions, the major players in the industry will basically continue to participate, so the last session is a good channel. The journal materials are often published with a plan view (it can be seen whether the booths are special, and the general area needs to be specially arranged above 36 square meters),
                            Contact information and introduction of exhibitors (some exhibitions will also put the name of the company's exhibition director on it). The information of the journal can be compared with the live photo of the scene, and the important exhibitions will be archived (the digital photo unified storage path computer backup, photo paper print number archive for easy access).
                            The exhibition has a dedicated website. The exhibitions with large scale basically have dedicated webpages. Generally, there are publicity of the next exhibition and review of previous exhibitions. Some will not only list the exhibitors of the previous session, but also show the benefits of the exhibition. Also upload some photos of the booth that are beautifully arranged.
                            Industry information media - industry information media are more familiar with the exhibitions and manufacturers of their industry, some special interview categories, similar to the nature of the exhibition express, there are information on the person in charge of the exhibitor market promotion.
                            Exhibitor brochures and floor plans that are serving customers – if there are already customers who are already exhibiting at each exhibition, it is best to get a booth plan through them (and to get the floor plan of all exhibitors as much as possible when serving new customers) The above is the latest exhibitor, and the special customers of the exhibition can be seen at a glance.
                            2. Visiting customers at home: The business particularity of the exhibition industry is that its customers are basically certain, but customers need to choose different suppliers. Many customers will bid for invitations, which are accessible to many exhibition companies. Some customers with fixed supplier relationships need to enter through other opportunities.
                            Many times, the special customers who really want to exhibit are in need of exhibition services and can visit.
                            Through the conversation with the customer, we can understand the customer's intention in detail, clarify the theme that the customer wants to display, prefer the color tone, whether to open up the negotiation area, and need media equipment. Some customers will provide their company introduction to the exhibition company, but even if there is a company introduction of the other party, through communication, the business personnel need to know the situation of their previous booths, especially why they will give up the original cooperation relationship, and what are the places? satisfied.
                            Some customers usually invite a lot of homes, but the last option is a collection of several programs that are difficult for them to distinguish beforehand. There are also individual customers who already have a contractor, just for the form, or to get a ready-made design drawing through the draft, and finally find someone else to do. At present, the exhibition industry is rather confusing, and this kind of situation hopes to be able to be discovered in advance by communicating with customers.
                            3. Obtain relevant information about customer exhibits: If you are approved by the customer and agree to provide planning and design for the exhibition, you usually need to get the following information from the customer - pavilion floor plan, booth area, exhibitor manual, customer company introduction, customer company full name, customer standard Standards, customer standard fonts, customer standard color standards, specifications and quantity of exhibiting product names, electricity requirements for exhibiting products, key exhibiting products, booth production budget.
                            Usually, no matter what the situation, the customer will provide the information needed for the design itself, but for the exhibition service company, the calculation of the customer's cost is the most important, especially in the bidding draft. Some customers will give a rough range, but some customers are reluctant to disclose, or even have no budget in advance.                             We can collect the customer's previous industry booth photos for comparison, or give some booth maps to the customer's reference choice, and inform them of the approximate cost, please choose a reference. Customers generally choose a booth map whose style and price are close to each other
                            The exhibitor's manual and customer requirements are related to whether Designer's plan can achieve the finalist and should be obtained from the customer as much as possible. The exhibitor's manual covers the technical parameters and rules of the pavilion. Customer requirements can be defined from the following aspects: booth structure, booth material requirements, color requirements, design priorities, lighting requirements, number of panels, booth height, etc.
                            4. Clear the design delivery date and work plan: The delivery time and requirements of the first draft with the customer will be arranged with Designer. For large projects, a working time schedule should be developed and submitted to the customer if needed.
two. Design stage
                            1. Transferring customer design requirements to Designer and communicating with customers about booth design at any time
                            In order to form a unified arrangement of the design department, the business personnel should fill in the design schedule with the customer design requirements and possible demand styles obtained by the customer in the project contact, and forward it to the person in charge of the design department
                            In the Designer's plot, the business person should keep in touch with the customer and grasp the possible changes. If necessary, Designer should be introduced to the customer so that both parties can have direct contact.
                            For venues that need to go to the survey in person, they can be arranged by the business staff or Designer. Designer should pay attention to keep in touch with the construction personnel to understand the latest display materials, to avoid the old materials used in the design or some designs can not be constructed on the ground.
                            2. Deliver design drafts, design notes, engineering quotes to customers
                            After the first draft of the booth is finalized, the supplier will receive the cost price and make a clear quotation. The quotation of the general booth design has a relatively subdivided order, which is to facilitate the specific items and help the customer to understand and be willing to accept. It is often listed in order from the sky to the ground or from the outside to the inside to prevent the missing items. .
                            The material, color, shape and size should be described as completely as possible in the quotation. A complete quotation is a detailed work order to facilitate the accuracy of construction cost accounting and construction.
                            In the exhibition design and construction, some of the expenses can be paid by the customer to the exhibition hall, but in practice, the exhibition company will pay for it. The items that should be charged in the quotation must be indicated, such as the electric box application. , site management fees, etc.
                            Some customers require that the design drawings be accompanied by the design drawings, but some of the requirements are relatively simple, as long as you see the actual Rendering; some companies that form a scale pay more attention to image promotion, although there is no explicit requirement for the design drawings, but From the perspective of formalization in the future, Designer should be encouraged to write design notes.
                            Generally speaking, the booth style, material description, booth function, color description, lighting description, design focus, etc. can be elaborated. When submitting a picture, if you can arrange for Designer to meet with the customer, you can tell the customer the picture by Designer, explaining the selling point and the biggest difference of the program.
                            3. Research customer feedback and make changes again
                            If the customer is a multiple draft, there will be a screening. If we ask us to continue to modify, we should carefully understand its true intentions. Some customers have to say one or two after the first contact, even if they are strange to the exhibition. You should communicate carefully with them. If the customer requests to re-map in a different style, it should be integrated.
                            4. Delivery of finalized design drawings and engineering quotations
                            three. Signing phase
                            1. Determine the project price with the customer
                            When quoting to determine the price, it is important to ensure that all materials and special requirements companies can do it. Otherwise, once the customer confirms and the site cannot meet the requirements, it will have a bad influence.
                            2. Defining the requirements for mutual cooperation with customers
                            The time for the construction of the pavilion is generally tight, only 2-3 days of arrangement, including the customer's exhibition products need to be arranged, sometimes involving the need to declare in advance, should coordinate with the customer the scope of responsibility.
                            3. Signing a contract
                            four. Production stage
                            1. Completion of production and preparation according to department worksheet
                            According to the needs of specific projects, the AV equipment, woodworking structure production, carpet suppliers, art production and other parts are arranged according to the requirements of the design drawings and the formulation of the customers. Note that if there is any change during the production process, you should contact Designer in time. If necessary, the business staff should pay attention to the customer.
                            2. Arrange for customers to go to the factory to see the production and preparation situation
                            After the general customer confirms the final Rendering, they just wait to arrive at the time. Some projects with large projects or special attention from customers will be supervised during production. We should make preparations for the visit to the company or factory.
                            3. Complete the procedures for hosting, home, and exhibition halls
                            Some projects should be submitted to the exhibition hall or the organizer for the declaration. If the work is completed by us, the water, electricity, gas and customer confirmation will be made, and the necessary materials will be provided to the organizer, such as Electrograms, etc. are approved. Special approvals are required for certain special materials such as neon lights, high air balls, etc.
Fives. Site construction stage
                            1. On-site booth construction
                            The quality of the on-site construction determines whether the project design has been achieved. There are a lot of exhibition companies that only pay attention to the design and do not pay attention to the construction, which has caused customers' dissatisfaction. This is also the reason why customers often change suppliers in the exhibition service. Generally, customers will arrange exhibits on site during the construction. At this time, it is best for the business service personnel who are responsible for the project to be accompanied by the site. Designers can also go to the site to supervise the construction and communicate with customers immediately.
                            Although the actual results are not immediately apparent, many customers hope to get such services. If the business person does not have a reason to be on the scene, the linkman responsible for the setup should be introduced to the customer.
                            2. Processing site additions, changes to projects
                            There are often situations in the site that are not expected in the design itself, and the customer will make some requests on a temporary basis. If it is caused by the company itself, it should be changed immediately. If it is additionally provided by the customer, it should be guaranteed to meet its reasonable requirements first, and the additional part is required to be signed by the customer to be added to the total project amount.
                            3. Come in with customers' exhibits
                            In practice, it is often necessary to arrange the exhibits after the booth structure is arranged. The on-site staff must pay attention to customer service and cooperate with their exhibits to enter the market.
                            4. Customer acceptance
                            After all the construction work is completed, the booths should be cleaned and cleaned. This work can mainly arrange our work to be completed until the customer's acceptance is completed to ensure the opening of the next day. (It should be noted that sometimes the construction of the booth itself was completed earlier. After all the work was over, everyone thought it would be fine, but the construction of the booth next door would cause the booth hygiene and the placement of the exhibits to be affected.)
                            six. During and during the exhibition
                            1. Arrange on-site emergency services and value-added services during the exhibition
                            During the development period, it is mainly the customer's reception work, but in many cases it will be necessary to maintain and temporarily configure the booth. Business responsible personnel and one or two workers should perform emergency services on site. From the customer's side, he is very eager to have someone from the exhibition company during the exhibition, and it is best that he is familiar with it and can be resolved whenever he needs it.
                            The customer's on-site staff should have the most direct contact method for our field service personnel.
                            Value-added services can be widely used. Some business personnel can help customers to do reception work on the spot. Good foreign language level can serve as a translation service, and even help customers send information and arrange customer meetings.
                            2. Cooperate with customer exhibits for departure and on-site demolition
                            After the exhibition, the customer should first remove the exhibits from the site and then dismantle the booth. If the customer needs to use the materials again, they should help them to transport the bales; if they need to be preserved, they should be disassembled.
                            3. Return the relevant expenses for prepayment in advance
                            After the completion of the project, the cost summary should be carried out immediately, and the pre-paid electricity box application, communication deposit and other expenses should be returned to the exhibition hall or the organizer.
                            Seven. Follow-up service
                            A good follow-up service is an important reason to win repeat customers. Many companies believe that some exhibitions should be held once every six months, and the end of the exhibition will also contact customers, thus ignoring the care of customers. But in fact, the customer is very fragile and it is easy to be dug by others.
                            The so-called exhibition follow-up service is very wide. For example, the company can print or flush a photo of the exhibition site to the customer (including the customer's own and other companies), organize the post-conference summary for the customer, and collect the future of the industry. Exhibition information, providing customers with the choice of next exhibition, if convenient, can invite customers to visit the company's excellent exhibitions designed for other industry customers.
                            As long as we can make more efforts for our customers on the contract list, we will gain an advantage for the company in the next service.