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  • Goods always need to be displayed, and it is the exhibition hall to undertake this task! The exhibition hall is a place for professional product exhibitions. The decoration design effect of the exhibition hall directly affects the sales performance and corporate image of the products. The only criterion for verifying the decoration effect of the exhibition hall is to see if it can attract the attention of the audience. Some people may ask, what are the precautions for the decoration design of the exhibition hall?
       What is the standard for the decoration design of the exhibition hall?
                        As we all know, the exhibition hall should have a strong visual impact. Only in this way will the audience have a strong interest in the exhibition hall, creating an affinity for the booth and directly enhancing the audience's recognition and memory of the exhibitors. So how do you stand out in many booths to achieve good visual effects? The key is to see if there is any individual design in the design that is different from other booths. Personalized design must be consistent with corporate culture. Here, the corporate logo provides a rich set of design elements and design basis for our booth design.
                        The color aspect of the exhibition hall decoration.
                        In all artistic expressions, color is the most vulnerable to human psychology, making it a "good, evil" judgment. The design of the exhibition hall is the audience. Designer should try to make the audience feel "good" from all aspects, and the color is no exception. Color design is a key part of the design of the exhibition hall and an important factor in success or failure.
                        Other aspects of the exhibition hall decoration.
                        There are still many topics in the decoration design of the exhibition hall. For example, the far-sight effect in the exhibition is the key to the formation of a large exhibition hall. The first impression of the exhibitor is always from the design of the booth at a farther position. This impression may continue. long time.
                        Only a professional team to decorate the design and planning, your dream showroom will come into being, and shine!

  • What are the key points of the space design for the display design?Xiaobian found the answer for everyone, share it with everyone, I hope to help everyone.
         (1)Exhibition space
         Exhibition space is the actual space for merchandise display, the basic space and main space in the exhibition space, and the commodity demonstration platform and amusement table of large-scale commercial exhibitions also belong to this space. In the design, both the human scale and the volume of the commodity should be considered.

  •   The design of the hall is a kind of display design. The definition of the exhibition is an exhibition and demonstration activity for the purpose of conveying specific information by means of the best spatial relationship of elements such as complex objects, people and fields. Exhibition design refers to the visual art of all exhibitions and exhibitions, including indoor and outdoor environmental planning of commercial sales space and service space such as shopping malls, hotels, supermarkets, etc., to beautify the design work.

  •   A perfect exhibition hall decoration must have a visual appeal to consumers. Let consumers see the products in the exhibition hall have an impulse to buy. Let consumers know the product at a close distance and remember the product. The exhibition decoration design company should be out of the consumer's psychology when designing. Before designing, let's understand what styles and styles consumers like most.。

  • The theme of the display design needs to be valued by everyone, because the perfect design must have a prominent theme, here is a detailed introduction.
    The display content of the display design, the development of the display theme is often positioned as informative, merchandising, celebration, entertainment and entertainment display design, education and so on.
    The capabilities required to demonstrate design include: the ability to investigate and plan items or ideas, the ability to shape (aesthetic, building materials and construction), the knowledge of lighting and temporary electromechanical equipment, and the ability to attract crowds to arrange people's tides. To put it simply, the display design is a design that “matches the performance”. The design is designed to understand the “objects or concepts being displayed” and then find out the theme to be expressed, and then
    This "theme" is rendered and interpreted by the display device to complete the design.
    When designing, it is not the focus of the designed display device itself. On the contrary, after the display device and the display device are completed, whether the “object or concept being displayed” is so exciting is the key point. The commercial space design and the exhibition design are Among the branches.
    The humanities exhibition includes science museums, memorial halls, art galleries, museums, forest parks, nature reserves, etc. Its main purpose is to inherit human civilization, disseminate scientific knowledge, and promote cultural exchanges. From time to time, the display can be divided, the display can be divided into long-term and short-term or temporary and permanent.                              

  • The design of the corporate exhibition hall focuses on displaying the corporate image in a short period of time, increasing the visibility of the company/product, increasing the appeal to the customer and ultimately facilitating cooperation. Therefore, in the design of the exhibition hall, we must firmly grasp the user's psychology, starting from the details of the exhibition hall decoration, then what elements of the corporate showroom Designer need to master?
    Element 1: Several objective factors affecting the transaction “visual effect, auditory effect, olfactory effect, and somatosensory effect” need to be reflected in the design of the exhibition hall.
    Element 2: The decoration design of the exhibition hall must be tested by the market to obtain the product mix. If there are conditions, the local use habits investigation is required to design the product.
    Element 3: The main purpose of the exhibition hall design is to enhance sales rather than simple effect display.
    Element 4: The main means of enhancing sales is to resonate with consumers with products and decorations.
    Element 5: Resonance needs to guide the path of travel as simple as possible and display only one set of products per unit time.
    Element 6: The soft-packed part of the exhibition hall plays a major role in the setting up, which plays a very important role, but more importantly, the kitchen cabinet product itself.
    Element 7: Enhancing product experience helps sell and impress consumers.
    Element 8: There must be several display points that are unique in the local area.
    Element 9: The layout of the exhibition hall and the design of the atmosphere should correspond to the brand image and sample temperament.
    Element 10: Don't succumb to the lighting design and cost of the exhibition hall. Good lighting can not only be used as a soft-fit effect, but also to show different color effects in the space.
    Element 11: The wall decoration should be matched with the door panel and the countertop. Try to stretch the space level to make the product full.
    Element 12: The use of the platform and the different combinations of the ground materials can effectively highlight the key samples.
    Element XIII: The opportunity to sit down and talk to customers.
    Element 14: Don't forget the location of the detail item.
    Element 15: The design of the reception desk needs to ensure the customer's first response, and the multi-entry store needs special attention.
    Element 16: It is best to attach a matching marketing plan.
    Element 17: Leave the brand to the customer – a repeat reminder of the brand image.
    Element 18: The use of the platform and the different combinations of ground materials can effectively highlight key samples.
    Element 19: Designer's office area is more semi-closed (some negotiations need to be relatively hidden).
    Element 20: At the same time, the atmosphere layout and sample design must be accompanied by the specific location of the soft decoration.

  • By optimizing the image and focusing on the case, the company's exhibition hall gains the trust of visiting customers, allowing customers to understand the culture, product range, quality and other aspects of the company, thus taking advantage of the competition. In recent years, companies have built their own showrooms.
    1, pay more attention to the creation of features. Since most of the corporate exhibition halls and enterprise product showrooms are indoors, the indoor space is generally rectangular, semi-arc type, and the mixed load-bearing columns are in close proximity. Therefore, many corporate exhibition halls look "very like". In fact, each company has its own characteristics and highlights. As long as it is carefully studied and designed, it will be able to design a colorful corporate showroom.
    2, pay more attention to the application of materials. Different from the exhibition design, the corporate exhibition halls and showrooms are indoors and fixed for a long time, so there are many construction materials to choose from. Unlike the exhibition space, you can only choose some simple finishes. There are more and more new materials on the market, so the rational and creative application materials have greatly affected the overall effect.
    3. Pay more attention to the participation of the audience. Many corporate exhibition halls take out the pictures of the company and display the mechanical machinery in the window. After taking a customer around the exhibition hall, the impression left by the customer is relatively simple.
    Display is an important means of conveying and exchanging information in modern society. As the scale of the exhibition continues to expand, the business information injected by the company is also exponentially increasing. In addition to showing the competitive strength, the large-scale display often makes the publicity effect unforgettable. For exhibition designers, large-scale displays are an extraordinary challenge.

  • 1. The wooden ceiling, gypsum board canopy, metal plate canopy, mineral wool board or fiberglass board canopy are usually used in the store building.
    a wooden canopy - usually wood or plywood, which can be a long strip or a large plate, a panel, or a wooden roof can be made of wood. The wooden canopy is easy to process and light in weight, suitable for the ceiling decoration of small and medium-sized shops.
    b gypsum board ceiling - the surface of the gypsum board is divided into flat and convex and concave plates. It can be combined into various patterns and has strong artistic expression with the lamps.
    c metal plate ceiling canopy - this is a gorgeous decorative material, diverse in shape, variety, but the price is more expensive.
    d mineral wool board or fiberglass board ceiling - these two kinds of boards have the characteristics of fire resistance, anti-corrosion and light weight, and have good sound absorption effect, suitable for large shopping malls with loud noise.
    2, the ground is the bottom of the space, because it appears in the form of a horizontal plane, the ground treatment can use different building materials, tiles, stone, wood, plastic flooring, carpets and so on.
    a tile floor - tiles are very durable materials, rich in color. Stone can also be divided into marble, granite, sandstone, slate and so on. Marble, after polishing, will give a beautiful luster, rich in color patterns, high-grade floor materials, granite, stone hard, uniform color, excellent finish, high-grade luxury floor materials. Sandstone and slate are rough and calm, and are also good ground materials.