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What are the key points of the space design for the display design?

What are the key points of the space design for the display design?Xiaobian found the answer for everyone, share it with everyone, I hope to help everyone.
     (1)Exhibition space
     Exhibition space is the actual space for merchandise display, the basic space and main space in the exhibition space, and the commodity demonstration platform and amusement table of large-scale commercial exhibitions also belong to this space. In the design, both the human scale and the volume of the commodity should be considered.、Form, handle the relationship between exhibits and people, people and space, focus on visual effects, attract attention, provide new information to the audience, bring new experiences to the audience, generate new interest for the audience, and gain a refreshing sense of body and mind . This determines the size, shape, material, etc. of the display space.
(2) Circulation space
The circulation space includes the passages in the exhibition environment, corridors, lounges, etc. It is a shared space for public activities, and its design points:
1) Scientifically predict the flow, flow rate and behavior patterns of the audience.
2) Consider the nature, shape, volume and best way of exhibiting, and take into account the different personality characteristics of browsing appreciation or trade retailing, and adjust the relationship between people flow and passage.
3) Determine the best perspective, best sight, and best line of sight for the exhibits, consider the relevance of the goods and the passages, avoid crowds and ensure smooth flow of people.
4) Clear streamline, reasonable planning, design the best effective path, guide the audience to see as much as possible, look at all, and save physical strength, avoid people repeating detours, invalid flow, resulting in physical and mental exhaustion, affecting the effect of display.
(3) Auxiliary space
Auxiliary space is a display space for exhibitors to carry out various display services, and carry out various business activities, including the reception space for customers to negotiate with the exhibitors, the office staff to handle business and temporary breaks, and the storage of exhibits and other promotional items. The storage space, as well as the maintenance space of the exhibition facilities and equipment.