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What materials do I need to use for store decoration?

1. The wooden ceiling, gypsum board canopy, metal plate canopy, mineral wool board or fiberglass board canopy are usually used in the store building.
a wooden canopy - usually wood or plywood, which can be a long strip or a large plate, a panel, or a wooden roof can be made of wood. The wooden canopy is easy to process and light in weight, suitable for the ceiling decoration of small and medium-sized shops.
b gypsum board ceiling - the surface of the gypsum board is divided into flat and convex and concave plates. It can be combined into various patterns and has strong artistic expression with the lamps.
c metal plate ceiling canopy - this is a gorgeous decorative material, diverse in shape, variety, but the price is more expensive.
d mineral wool board or fiberglass board ceiling - these two kinds of boards have the characteristics of fire resistance, anti-corrosion and light weight, and have good sound absorption effect, suitable for large shopping malls with loud noise.
2, the ground is the bottom of the space, because it appears in the form of a horizontal plane, the ground treatment can use different building materials, tiles, stone, wood, plastic flooring, carpets and so on.
a tile floor - tiles are very durable materials, rich in color. Stone can also be divided into marble, granite, sandstone, slate and so on. Marble, after polishing, will give a beautiful luster, rich in color patterns, high-grade floor materials, granite, stone hard, uniform color, excellent finish, high-grade luxury floor materials. Sandstone and slate are rough and calm, and are also good ground materials.
b wood floor - based on wood materials, can be insulated, flexible, and beautiful. The board has a single layer and a composite layer.
c Plastic floor - it has a thickness of 3-5 mm and a flat size of 300 mm x 300 mm. The plastic floor is rich in color, simple in pattern, flexible, construction is easy, and the price is very cheap. But its strength and durability are poor.
d carpets - most of the carpets used in the store are chemical fiber carpets, which are highly decorative, with good insulation and sound absorption. Can be used in higher-end stores.
3, the wall surface is one of the important factors that make up the space. It appears as a side of the space in a vertical form, which has a great impact on people's vision. In the wall treatment, it should be combined with doors and windows, lamps and ventilation holes to achieve complete results. There are many materials used in the scene, such as wooden wall materials, paints, paints, wallpapers, etc.
a wooden wall material - wood building materials can be divided into synthetic board, fiber board, wood board, synthetic board is plywood, it is rich in natural color, surface texture is better, is a high-grade wall decoration material.
b paint - it is a wide variety and rich in color. The film is dried to form a film, and the color and surface form are freely selectable.
c paint - this is a convenient wall coating, it has better waterproof performance
d wallpaper - wallpaper is a decorative material attached to the wall, it can be divided into woven wall covering and plastic wallpaper. Wallpaper is the most commonly used wall material, with many colors, patterns and textures, which can be changed at any time.