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How to determine the style theme of the exhibition hall?

The theme of the display design needs to be valued by everyone, because the perfect design must have a prominent theme, here is a detailed introduction.
The display content of the display design, the development of the display theme is often positioned as informative, merchandising, celebration, entertainment and entertainment display design, education and so on.
The capabilities required to demonstrate design include: the ability to investigate and plan items or ideas, the ability to shape (aesthetic, building materials and construction), the knowledge of lighting and temporary electromechanical equipment, and the ability to attract crowds to arrange people's tides. To put it simply, the display design is a design that “matches the performance”. The design is designed to understand the “objects or concepts being displayed” and then find out the theme to be expressed, and then
This "theme" is rendered and interpreted by the display device to complete the design.
When designing, it is not the focus of the designed display device itself. On the contrary, after the display device and the display device are completed, whether the “object or concept being displayed” is so exciting is the key point. The commercial space design and the exhibition design are Among the branches.
The humanities exhibition includes science museums, memorial halls, art galleries, museums, forest parks, nature reserves, etc. Its main purpose is to inherit human civilization, disseminate scientific knowledge, and promote cultural exchanges. From time to time, the display can be divided, the display can be divided into long-term and short-term or temporary and permanent.