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What are the design points for the renovation of the corporate exhibition hall?

The design of the corporate exhibition hall focuses on displaying the corporate image in a short period of time, increasing the visibility of the company/product, increasing the appeal to the customer and ultimately facilitating cooperation. Therefore, in the design of the exhibition hall, we must firmly grasp the user's psychology, starting from the details of the exhibition hall decoration, then what elements of the corporate showroom Designer need to master?
Element 1: Several objective factors affecting the transaction “visual effect, auditory effect, olfactory effect, and somatosensory effect” need to be reflected in the design of the exhibition hall.
Element 2: The decoration design of the exhibition hall must be tested by the market to obtain the product mix. If there are conditions, the local use habits investigation is required to design the product.
Element 3: The main purpose of the exhibition hall design is to enhance sales rather than simple effect display.
Element 4: The main means of enhancing sales is to resonate with consumers with products and decorations.
Element 5: Resonance needs to guide the path of travel as simple as possible and display only one set of products per unit time.
Element 6: The soft-packed part of the exhibition hall plays a major role in the setting up, which plays a very important role, but more importantly, the kitchen cabinet product itself.
Element 7: Enhancing product experience helps sell and impress consumers.
Element 8: There must be several display points that are unique in the local area.
Element 9: The layout of the exhibition hall and the design of the atmosphere should correspond to the brand image and sample temperament.
Element 10: Don't succumb to the lighting design and cost of the exhibition hall. Good lighting can not only be used as a soft-fit effect, but also to show different color effects in the space.
Element 11: The wall decoration should be matched with the door panel and the countertop. Try to stretch the space level to make the product full.
Element 12: The use of the platform and the different combinations of the ground materials can effectively highlight the key samples.
Element XIII: The opportunity to sit down and talk to customers.
Element 14: Don't forget the location of the detail item.
Element 15: The design of the reception desk needs to ensure the customer's first response, and the multi-entry store needs special attention.
Element 16: It is best to attach a matching marketing plan.
Element 17: Leave the brand to the customer – a repeat reminder of the brand image.
Element 18: The use of the platform and the different combinations of ground materials can effectively highlight key samples.
Element 19: Designer's office area is more semi-closed (some negotiations need to be relatively hidden).
Element 20: At the same time, the atmosphere layout and sample design must be accompanied by the specific location of the soft decoration.